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Please note that as of September 2023, Open Shelf Magazine is on hiatus.

Reviving the Pages: Open Shelf Magazine Returns!

The team at Open Shelf has returned after our end-of-summer break reinvigorated. We enjoyed our “time off,” but are just as excited to meet the challenges and joys of the autumnal season.

Features and Columns

The discourse of the game: An interview with Chris Young on UTML’s Syd Bolton collection

The Syd Bolton Collection is a new resource at the University of Mississauga that is bound to make the Library a hot spot for curriculum development in Games Studies. This interview with Chris Young (Head, Collections & Digital Scholarship) details the successes and challenges of a collection of this size.

Micheline Persaud: une pionnière des services en français dans les bibliothèques de l’Ontario

Micheline Persaud (née Boyer) occupe une place de choix dans l’histoire des services en français des bibliothèques de l’Ontario. Franco-ontarienne née à Ottawa en 1943, son parcours professionnel échelonné sur près de trois décennies nous rappelle le contexte effervescent des années 1960 à 1990 y compris les mouvements de revendications ainsi que la croissance rapide et les transformations dans le secteur des bibliothèques publiques, des services jeunesse et des services en français en Ontario.

Access points: 4 Steps to gain metadata experience in academic libraries

Metadata helps us organize our collections and empowers users to find information—but how do new library and information science professionals access these skills for themselves?

Consumer Health Report

Open Shelf is proud to be launching a new bi-monthly feature on consumer health resources about select topics. Stay tuned to learn about consumer health websites, print or e-books and other relevant resources.

Collections considerations: What goes into curating Canada’s largest music library

This month, Trevor Deck walks us through the library’s collection development mandates, scope and goals.

Word of the month/Mots du mois: mystery novel

We will be featuring a “Word (Or Phrase) Of The Month” each issue, courtesy of Library Lexique. This is a tool to feature useful and thematic words or phrases which may arise in day-to-day library work. This month’s is “mystery novel.”

793.73: Quotable creeps

Douglas Davey is our cryptic crossword creator and puzzler extraordinaire. This month, 793.73 provides our readers with a chilling trivia match game that is sure to appeal to fans of horror films. And, if you’re certain that you have a mind for monster movies, you can always try sorting them by their release year as well. 

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