Tristene Villanyi Bokor

Tristene-Villanyi-Bokor-webTristene Villanyi Bokor is the Accessibility Librarian with Ottawa Public Library. As the accessibility librarian, Tristene is responsible for removing barriers across all 33 branches, collections and resources ensuring all customers of OPL have unrestricted use of their public libraries. You can contact Tristene at 613-580-2424 x32270 and Tristene.villanyibokor2 [at]

Contributed Articles

Partnering to Provide Accessible Reading Packs
March 1, 2016
The Accessibility Services team at the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is committed to supporting the OPL mission to “inspire learning, spark curiosity, and connect people” by reducing barriers to accessing OPL resources and services. Accessibility Services team coordinates and delivers training, develops and implements policies and projects, and reports annually on OPL’s compliance with the