Simone O’Byrne

Simone O'ByrneSimone O’Byrne is an Information Specialist at the Information Resource Centre of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Simone is Past Chair of the Ontario Government Libraries Council, and current Chair of that organization’s Working Group on Ontario Government Publications. She can be reached at simone.obyrne [at]

Contributed Articles

Who’s Doing What? GovDocs Digitization Redux
February 15, 2015
Since our InsideOCULA Winter 2013 article Who’s Doing What: ODI Survey Explores Digitization Practices time has not stood still. Many new and varied directions have been explored – so read on. Over the past year, OCUL’s Ontario Digital Initiative (ODI) and Government Information Working Group formed the new OCUL Government Information Community, bringing print, digitization
Who’s doing what: ODI survey explores digitization practices
December 1, 2013
Question: After successfully digitizing more than one million pages of Ontario government documents, what is the next step? Answer: Well … if you are a librarian, it’s time to send out a survey! Under the leadership of chair Carol Perry, the Ontario Digitization Initiative (ODI) has shepherded the digitization of more than a million pages