Shelagh Paterson

Shelagh PatersonShelagh Paterson is the Executive Director of the Ontario Library Association. She writes the Bird’s Eye column for Open Shelf offering her perspective on the issues and ideas affecting the OLA and its members.

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Two views on 2017
March 15, 2017
Here is the bird’s eye (view) from our president and executive director. Leslie Weir and Shelagh Patterson are happy to share their thoughts on SuperConference and what 2017 has in store for OLA members. Leslie is the 2017 OLA president and Shelagh is OLA’s executive director. They met in Toronto for SuperConference–take a listen to their first-ever joint
Common Purpose Collaboration
October 15, 2016
One of the fun and informative OLA staff activities we hold annually is showcasing one of our accomplishments to each other in response to the questions: What OLA strategic priority did this align with? What did you learn? What impact do you think this had on our members? I chose to showcase the work we
Scandal, Demand & Scheduling or Why We Don’t Get Some of the Speakers You Asked For
September 15, 2015
Some of the most welcome and popular keynote speakers OLA has featured at the Super Conference have been CBC media personalities. Every one of them has prepared by interviewing me about our conference and who are members are, and have customized their talk to specifically engage Super Conference delegates. And, in return, they have received
Run From the Numbers
April 1, 2015
When the volunteer role of divisional council treasurer is up for grabs, the response is often any of the following: stone silence, recoiling in horror, or nervous laughing. Why is this? Is fear of financials a trait of those working in libraries? Do the majority of us not have to create, report on, or work within
News About Super Conference 2016
April 1, 2015
I’d like to devote this Bird’s Eye column to a special announcement about the OLA Super Conference. Many of our delegates have asked why we have a Canadian conference in January. The primary reason has been that the timing works well for the vast majority of delegates and exhibitors and we rarely conflict with other
You’re Not the Boss of Me
September 24, 2014
Have you seen the “Ban Bossy” campaign geared to girls? My first reaction was “hey, bossiness has its place’ (growing up, my friends called me “Lucy” from the Peanuts comic strip series). Initially, to me, the name of the campaign implied that girls not assert themselves, and be quiet. The banning of the bossy is actually a
Brainwashed – In a Good Way
August 6, 2014
I recently had the opportunity to meet with Valoree McKay, the new Executive Director for the Canadian Library Association. Associations usually go one of two ways when hiring their ED/CEO – choose someone from the profession which means they have a great understanding of the people and issues of that profession, but may not have