Megan Sioui

Megan SiouiMegan Sioui is graduating from the MLIS program at the University of Western Ontario this spring. She completed co-op terms at  Bracken Health Sciences Library at Queen’s University and at The Office of the University Librarian at Western Libraries, both of which incited her interest in developing engagement between students and libraries. She can be contacted at megsioui [at]

Contributed Articles

Let’s Give Them Something to Tweet About: Applying Best Practices at Western Libraries
March 15, 2015
In The Librarian’s Nitty-Gritty Guide to Social Media (ALA, 2013), Laura Solomon advises that social media is “incredibly easy to learn but can take a long time to master.” During our fall 2014 co-op placements we had the opportunity to learn this lesson for ourselves by developing Social Media Best Practices at Western Libraries and a