Lydia Tsai

lydia-tsaiLydia Tsai is a Metadata Librarian at Seneca Libraries, Markham campus. She enjoys working with digital repositories and creating web content. She can be contacted at Lydia.Tsai[at]

Contributed Articles

Making Space for Zines at Seneca Libraries
October 1, 2016
How it got started  In the summer of 2015, the library was approached by two faculty members in Seneca’s Illustration Program about starting a zine collection at the Seneca@York Campus Library. They had been taking classes to visit the zine collection at OCADU and asked us, “why not at Seneca?” The faculty were excited by
Toon power: creating awesome animated instruction videos
April 1, 2014
Animated instructional videos are short film clips that explain ideas or illustrate processes and procedures. In the marketing industry, they are also known as “explainers.” Here are some examples of successful and engaging videos done in this style: • PadMapper • ZenCash • CrazyEgg You could spend up to $2,000 to commission an animated video from a professional
OCULA Spring Conference 2013
September 1, 2013
    OCULA’S 2013 Spring Conference was a day filled with activities that definitely brought out the creative side of participants–like the button-making station which was abuzz all day.   Posterize is basketball term describing a player who dunks a ball with such finesse that it deserves to be depicted on a poster. At the
Library launchpad: SCVNGR treks at Seneca
January 1, 2013
As Seneca College students trekked through the library this fall via their smartphones and text messaging, they not only learned about library resources but also provided valuable information about their experiences and preferences as library users. During the 2012 fall semester, Seneca Libraries launched a SCVNGR trek to introduce students to the library’s resources, services,