Lisa Sloniowski

Lisa SloniowskiLisa Sloniowski is the English Literature Librarian at York University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Social and Political Thought with a research focus on the politics of memory and archivization as exposed by unruly feminist archives. Relatedly, Lisa is also co-investigator on the SSHRC-funded Feminist Porn Archive and Research Project. She can be reached at lisasl [at]

Contributed Articles

SuperConference: Testing the waters
March 1, 2017
Gathering to talk about the benefits of an advanced research degree as preparation for an academic role.
Academic librarians and the PhD: Introduction
March 1, 2017
Academic librarians typically have academic status, freedoms, and responsibilities.
PhD as resistance: How the personal got political
March 1, 2017
It is challenging to resist the neoliberal imperatives that govern our work and practices as librarians.
Social Justice Librarianship for the 21st Century
July 1, 2015
Social Justice Librarianship for the 21st Century was originally published in the Summer 2012 issue of OLA's Access magazine.