Katie Legere

Katie LegereKatie Legere has degrees in music from Queen’s University and the University of Toronto as well as a Bachelor of Education and Master’s degrees in Computing Science and Business from Queen’s where she is a member of the Adjunct Faculty at the School of Music. Katie is a member of the Kingston Symphony playing bassoon and contrabassoon and has performed as part of the Toronto Symphony, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Violins Du Roy, and the Ohio Light Opera Company. She is a teacher and performer in Kingston and works as a Business Analyst on enterprise level projects for the Queen’s Project Portfolio Office.

Contributed Articles

There’s Information in Music and Music in Information
February 1, 2016
“A painter paints pictures on canvas but musicians paint their pictures on silence” – Leopold Stokowski Sonification is defined as the use of non-speech audio to convey information. It takes advantage of people’s innate ability to detect subtle difference in sounds and perceive rhythms, patterns and short events simply by listening. The idea is not