Jonathan Younker

Jonathan YounkerJonathan Younker is the Head, Library Systems and Technologies at Brock University, where he has worked since 2002 in various roles, including: Electronic Services Librarian, Acting Associate University Librarian (Collections, Liaison, and Systems) and Interim University Librarian. Prior to working at Brock, he worked in public and academic libraries in Illinois.  Jonathan is particularly interested in the intersection of digital scholarship and libraries, and developing creative solutions to ongoing library technology challenges. He can be reached on Twitter @jtyounker and on email at jyounker [at]

Contributed Articles

Brock’s new Makerspace: connecting community and technology
December 1, 2016
In the April 2015 edition of Open Shelf, Jonathan Younker published In Praise of Maker Culture, describing the maker culture in the Brock Library’s Systems department, even though our library did not yet have its own makerspace. We are extremely happy to write that in July of this past year, Brock Library soft-launched the Library Makerspace, and
In Praise of Maker Culture
April 15, 2015
My library doesn’t have a makerspace. We don’t have a 3d printer, a CNC router, or a laser cutter. We don’t have piles of Arduinos with the latest shields, Beaglebones with their capes, Raspberry Pis in lovely DIY cases. We don’t have clear Tupperware bins full of circuits, resistors, wires, or soldering stations scattered throughout