Jennifer Brown

jennifer-brown-webJennifer Brown is a teacher librarian with the Peel District School Board at Castle Oaks Public School in the Brampton.  You can read more of her thoughts about issues in education, social justice, school libraries and more by following her Twitter account @JennMacBrown or her blog “Finding The Magic”.

Contributed Articles

An authentic narrative around Canada’s history
July 17, 2017
Now that #Canada150 has all but disappeared from social media and nightly newscasts, schools must remain vigilant in our work to embed an authentic narrative around Canada’s history and the ongoing systemic oppression and persecution of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples. It would be all too easy to fall back into our own obliviousness
Uncovering the “truth” about makerspace
April 18, 2017
When given the opportunity to return to the teacher librarian role in recent years, I knew that including a makerspace was on everybody’s library “to do” list. But here is the truth – I had no idea where to begin! I felt overwhelmed and honestly a bit intimidated. I assumed that everyone else had a
Equity & Social Justice in the Library Learning Commons
February 1, 2017
I read an interesting tweet recently about transforming the perception of school libraries from a warehouse for books to houses of student learning. The phrasing of the tweet did not completely fit my approach but the overall sentiment certainly did. The idea that we, as teacher librarians, must actively work to transform both the function
The Case for Free Flow Book Exchange
December 1, 2016
In education we often use IF, THEN statements to guide changes to our programming and practice. IF I change this, THEN my students will… (sort of a predictive cause and effect stance). Sometimes these are formal, written statements that we share with key stakeholders in our buildings.  Other times they are scribbles in our own
Bravery in Collaboration
October 15, 2016
Working in libraries we must be brave. Bravery can come in many forms – the socially conscious books we add to our collection, the advocacy we do for our yearly funding, the new and innovative initiatives we bring to our communities and so much more. Of late I have come to the conclusion that collaboration