Jason Neal

Jason NealJason Neal is a student in the Library and Information Science PhD program in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at The University of Western Ontario. His library-related experience includes work as a circulation assistant for the Williams County Public Library in Ohio, a science and engineering librarian for the University of Texas at Arlington, and adjunct faculty for LIS programs at different universities. Jason has a blog (http://geheimnisvollemusik.wordpress.com/) where he writes about his research interests, and he may be contacted at jneal6 [at] uwo.ca.

Contributed Articles

The Persistence and Problems of Music Genre
November 11, 2014
Whenever we’re asked what kind of music we like, we typically describe our tastes in terms of specific musicians (whether composers or performers) or genres. Indeed, if one visits a library with a publicly accessible music collection or a store that sells music, their classifications of sound recordings draw upon these features. Genre appears at