Diana Krawczyk

Diana KrawczykDiana Krawczyk is the Manager of the Readers’ Den Department, Mississauga Public Library. She is a member and past chair of the OLA Readers’ Advisory Committee.

Contributed Articles

Reluctant Readers’ Advisors: Help Your Staff Help Readers
June 15, 2016
While most staff, even those without professional training, are comfortable with performing reference tasks as part of their job, many become quite hesitant when they are encouraged to provide readers’ advisory to readers.  It is common to hear phrases like these: “I don’t read that much” “I don’t read in that genre” “How will I
Enjoy the Conversation
January 15, 2016
Have you ever had a really great conversation with someone about books? She tells you that she just read a book she loved, you read it too and you loved it. You talk about how that book was like another book you read with the same setting which you think she would really enjoy. Maybe,