The Interview

Miranda Hill

Miranda Hill is changing Canada’s literary landscape …. quite literally. As Executive Director of Project Bookmark Canada, she

Colin Ellard & the Meanings of Space

Colin Ellard is a professor of psychology at the University of Waterloo. His obsession is space … how

Dan Cohen, Executive Director, Digital Public Library of America

Jennifer Dekker interviews Dan Cohen about the innovative DPLA initiative.

Our Digital World

Our Digital World (ODW) is a not for profit organization that supports digital stewardship at every level by

Ry Moran, Director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

Ry Moran is Director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) at the University of Manitoba.

Dredging a Wake: An Interview with Video Artist Jenn E. Norton

On a cold Friday night last December, I wandered into the Hamilton Art Gallery and stumbled upon a


Seth is the acclaimed Canadian cartoonist and author of the celebrated Palookaville series. His distinctive drawings have also illustrated books

Parliamentary Budgets & Librarians: An Interview with Kevin Page

Kevin Page is the former Parliamentary Budget Officer of Canada. For readers unfamiliar with the Parliamentary Budget Office