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April fools & fake news

Although April Fools’ Day often comes with a few good laughs, in many ways I approached the first

SuperConference: Testing the waters

Gathering to talk about the benefits of an advanced research degree as preparation for an academic role.

New terminal degree: Yes or no?

If the role of academic librarians is changing and resembling more that of other faculty, should the PhD be the new terminal degree?

Research and the “value agenda”

A debate about the form, purpose, and quality of academic librarians’ research is taking place right now in the editorial pages of some of our flagship journals.

The PhD: New terminal degree?

Academic librarians are “scholar-practitioners.” We have a valued tradition of service (practitioner) but increasingly we also teach full-time and undertake extensive research (scholar).

Academic librarians and the PhD: Introduction

Academic librarians typically have academic status, freedoms, and responsibilities.

PhD as resistance: How the personal got political

It is challenging to resist the neoliberal imperatives that govern our work and practices as librarians.

Career impact

Does obtaining a PhD actually advance your career?

Why pursue a PhD?

Getting a PhD is rewarding, but it is also a long and sometimes arduous process. Why do it?

Advice to potential PhD students

What advice is important and useful to potential PhD students to understand the doctoral process?

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