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Editorial: Reflecting on Canada 150

1967—I was nine years old and sang “Canada, one little, two little, three Canadians, we love thee” over,

Honouring Stuart

We know that stories matter. They are our life blood because they connect us to each other and the worlds in which we live—the good, the bad and ugly.

Begin as You Mean to Go On

My mother, a teacher-librarian at the end of her career, left a great legacy: Pithy principles by which

Farewell … and Welcome

With this release of Open Shelf I’m stepping down as Editor-in-Chief. When introducing Open Shelf in August 2014


Last month I informed Shelagh Paterson (Executive Director of the Ontario Library Association) that I would be stepping

The “Shelfies”

This month we celebrate (in our own quiet, understated way … e.g. we’re going on vacation!) 2 years of Open

Open Access, Culture, and Modeling the Way

I believe gobsmacked is the word I’m looking for. David Lewis, Dean of the University Library at Indiana

Why You Should Attend the CLA Forum

A Canadian Library Association conference? Seriously? Didn’t they kill off CLA? [Disclaimer: I’m the current Treasurer & member

Sonification: A Special Issue of Open Shelf

Sonification …. “the use of non-speech audio to convey information.” Data transformed into sound (or music) reveals meaning

Organize! Influence!

The October 19th election will soon be complete and a new parliament will be determined. Whatever their political

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