From the Editor

Begin as You Mean to Go On

My mother, a teacher-librarian at the end of her career, left a great legacy: Pithy principles by which

Farewell … and Welcome

With this release of Open Shelf I’m stepping down as Editor-in-Chief. When introducing Open Shelf in August 2014


Last month I informed Shelagh Paterson (Executive Director of the Ontario Library Association) that I would be stepping

The “Shelfies”

This month we celebrate (in our own quiet, understated way … e.g. we’re going on vacation!) 2 years of Open

Open Access, Culture, and Modeling the Way

I believe gobsmacked is the word I’m looking for. David Lewis, Dean of the University Library at Indiana

Why You Should Attend the CLA Forum

A Canadian Library Association conference? Seriously? Didn’t they kill off CLA? [Disclaimer: I’m the current Treasurer & member

Sonification: A Special Issue of Open Shelf

Sonification …. “the use of non-speech audio to convey information.” Data transformed into sound (or music) reveals meaning

Organize! Influence!

The October 19th election will soon be complete and a new parliament will be determined. Whatever their political

Celebrating One Year of Open Shelf

Open Shelf has been publishing for 1 year. If you listen carefully you can hear a tremendous sigh of

A National Voice for Libraries

Being heard. Changing minds. Having an impact. We know libraries change lives but that message needs constant attention.

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