César Villamizar

Cesar-VillamizarCésar Villamizar (MIS 2015) is a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Master of Information Studies program. Throughout his professional career, César has been involved in numerous roles evaluating and managing information systems. He is currently working as an embedded records manager for the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Email: cvillami [at] uottawa.ca

Contributed Articles

From Embedded Librarianship to Embedded Records Management
March 1, 2016
Over the past decade, the concept of embedded librarianship has really taken hold. Motivated by the pioneering efforts of embedded librarians, and inspired by their success stories, we undertook a pilot project to adapt this practice to another information profession: records management. Programs at publicly-assisted universities in Ontario undergo a cyclical review every seven years.