Ali Abbas Mehboob Hirji

Ali Abbas Mehboob HirjiShortly after his travels through Nunavut in 2014, Ali became a Canadian Citizen. That journey has defined “Canadian” for him – surely, being Canadian is not about going with the flow. It is about being the flow. You can connect with Ali on twitter @abbaspeaks or LinkedIn by searching for Ali Abbas Mehboob Hirji.

Contributed Articles

A Library in the Place of Many Fish
October 1, 2015
My 2014 travels through Nunavut have brought me to appreciate the symbiosis between the people and the library. There are 11 public libraries in Nunavut mandated to be community-focused spaces that allow the Nunavummiut to read, learn and reach out to the world. Yet despite the infrastructure challenges, the Iqaluit Centennial Library appeared to have found