Cultural appropriation

“No man is an island entire of itself.” ~ John Donne Cultural appropriation is a “hot button” and

An authentic narrative around Canada’s history

Now that #Canada150 has all but disappeared from social media and nightly newscasts, schools must remain vigilant in

Amanda Fudge

Meet one of OLA’s 5,000 members. An interview with random OLA member #36: Amanda Fudge: Library Manager/Executive Director of the

Canada 150: Diversity & library schools

In 1867, library schools as we know them had not yet been founded. Diversity was not formally defined

Jonathan Younker

Welcome to The Library IT Crowd, a column brought to you by the Ontario Library and Information Technology

InsideOCULA Newsletter: July 2017

This month, our country celebrates 150 years of confederation, through which provinces and territories have come together to

Trends … Here & around the world

Featuring trends and happenings in information institutions and more at home and abroad.

Editorial: Reflecting on Canada 150

1967—I was nine years old and sang “Canada, one little, two little, three Canadians, we love thee” over,

LGBTQ+ Library collections in a small community

I want to tell the story of a small rural county library system compiling a LGBTQ+ collection. I